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ADA Bathtubs

ADA Bathtub/Shower

Remodeler - 3-Piece
60” x 33”

Model: APTG3260TSADA3P

60” x 32.5” x 80.25“

3-piece remodeling sectional tub/shower ADA bathtub and shower unit with plenty of shelving space.


Easy to clean gelcoat fiberglass.

Handed by drain, left or right.

Available with or without accessories.

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ADA Bathtub/Shower
60” x 33”

Model: APTS6032TSADA

60” x 33” x 84“

One piece for new construction.

Durable easy to clean premium acrylic with domed top.

Available with or without accessories.

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Easy Access Bathtub
60” x 32”

Model: APTS6034TO

60” x 32” x 18.875“

An attractive and user frendly White Acrylic soaking tub features a contoured transfer ledge.


The transfer seat and lowered apron design creates a safe,comfortable and secure entry and exit from the luxurious bathing tub, while also useful for sitting, shaving, toweling and assisting children.


Walls can be tiled or add an attractive tile look gelcoat fiberglass wall surround.

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ADA Tub/Shower - 1-piece Tub/shower module
60” x 33”


60” x 33” x 77“

Contemporary 6" tile pattern with diamond accents.

Integral soap dish

Textured slip resistant floor


Easy to clean gelcoat fiberglass with durable honeycomb tri-cell wall design.

Available with or without accessories.

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